SINGLE REVIEW // ‘When I Fall’ – Cooks & Bakers


‘When I Fall’ is the newest release from Newcastle’s Cooks & Bakers, an indie anthem that will be cemented into your head for days after listening.

The track immediately begins, with zero introduction emphasising the fact that Cooks & Bakers aren’t here to mess around. With a very Wallows and early 2000s alternative sound, When I Fall is filled with guitar riffs that just feel right, think Gang Of Youths meets Wolfmother and you’ve got this obsessive riff that powers the song. Combined with a dark and addictive bass riff, this is the strongest release from the trio so far.

There’s something different about the vocals of this track in comparison to the other tracks by boys; powerful and authentic. One notable moment of this song is the first time the harmonies enter in the first chorus, it’s one of those ‘wow’ moments that really draw you in to this track. Coupled with a steady drum beat that drives the track, it is the perfect release to introduce the world to the new era of Cooks & Bakers.

The unique bridge catches you off guard, highlighting the evident strengths of this trio. If this release is anything to gauge what the band’s upcoming EP, Out of Touch will be like, I’m sure that many will agree that we cannot wait to see what the band has up their sleeves.

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