LIVE SHOW & GALLERY // Sweater Curse + Pinkish Blu (Cambridge Hotel)


Brisbane indie rock trio, Sweater Curse have finally hit the road to tour their 2020 EP ‘Push//Pull’, playing shows all over the country, including Newcastle’s Cambridge Hotel. Adelaide’s Pinkish Blu supported the band, making for a great show from both bands. It was also a show full of surprises in many different ways, with the band playing a nice mix of both new and old material, and it was cool to hear these recent songs live.

Sweater Curse opened up with ‘All the Same’, a song from their recent EP, before leading into ‘Mon’s Song’ from their first EP, and then ‘I Wish I Was A Better Person Sometimes’, a personal favourite from the Push//Pull EP. All three members of the band had a really great stage presence performing the songs well. The trio’s switch between Mon and Chris on vocals was notable, and any chance that they got to shred on the guitar or bass, was well utilised by the band members. Rei smashed it on the drums at the show, and displayed the talent of his instrument.

The set continued with more tracks from Push//Pull, as well as the band premiering some unreleased music, which sounded great. One new track in particular reminded me a lot of UK band IDLES, which I am keen to hear again when the band decides to release it. It’s currently a mystery on exactly what the band is cooking up, but I can assure you that it the sound is fantastic, and fans of the band should be keen to hear more of it soon.

It was great to hear the band play classic song ‘Don’t Call Me’, a track that originally got me myself into the band many years ago. The audience shared my same excitement, getting into the song as well.

The biggest highlight of the show was when Newcastle’s own Lindsay and Joab from RAAVE TAPES were invited up on stage for a cover of Coldplay’s 2000 hit ‘Yellow’. It was incredibly fun to see the bands having such a great time on stage, and the semi-awkward and unpolished nature to it, but that really just made it even more enjoyable to watch.

The set closed with ‘Can’t See You Anymore’, a track beloved by the whole audience. It was one of the big ones that everyone was keen to hear all night, and the band really delivered with it, ending the set on a high note.

I really need to give a special mention to the opening act Pinkish Blu, who joined Sweater Curse for the whole tour. This is a band that are definitely one to check out and to keep an eye out for in the future. I liked their unique style of dreamy indie pop, fused together with some elements of indie rock too. They have a pretty different sound to Sweater Curse, and so having the variety that Pinkish Blu bought to the stage was really great.

Overall, I had a super fun time seeing Sweater Curse and Pinkish Blu smash it at the Cambridge Hotel on Saturday night. Hearing the classic stuff, some new stuff, and some really new stuff was an absolute treat for the audience.

I loved the The energy the bands bought; and I loved that the audience also loved it too. Definitely check these guys out, and hopefully you can catch them live soon.

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