A seemingly quiet Thursday night was definitely not so quiet at The Lansdowne in Sydney as Wollongong indie-rock three-piece TOTTY brought their powerful presence to the Sydney leg of their ‘Better Late Than Never’ tour which was promoting their second EP “Garden”. They brought along hard rockers Imaginary People and Wollongong band favourites Drift to open up the stage for them and with standing shows back, we saw dancing and moshing all round.

Imaginary People are a loud and fiery alt-rock band hailing from Sydney who create music that packs a punch. They had no trouble at all warming up the crowd with their loud and sharp sound that shot through the room like a hurricane. Fast guitars and catchy hooks lured the crowd in as they played through a thirty minute set of fierce tracks. Imaginary People are such a great band, from their raw and punchy sounds to their stage presence. It was an absolute pleasure to see them perform.

Drift were full of emotion with their shoegaze sound that soon turned a lot heavier throughout the set. This had their ever growing crowd swaying and bouncing around to the echoing sounds that were thrown out. Each member of the band worked together to bring one hell of a performance that I couldn’t keep my eyes off – the lighting worked in their favour to create a moody scene for the emotion that leaked through their songs. Towards the end, they played with such force and got the crowd pumped for TOTTY.

TOTTY are a great band to watch live – they bring so much passion and drive to the stage and express great vibes that flow freely out into the crowd and create such an extraordinary atmosphere that everyone loved. Their set included some very high energy tunes mixed in with a few more mellow ones which was the perfect blend for everyone to enjoy. The crowd were hyped from the moment the band played their first song which you could tell from all the dancing, jumping, moshing, and smiles shared between people. TOTTY knew how to put on a really great show that showcased new tunes which came with a lot of energy and force. It couldn’t have been a better night.

Every band did a great job at giving the audience a good time. The energy in the room the whole night was just incredible throughout each set and the bands brought their A game as soon as they stepped foot onto the stage. It was a wonderful night, with wonderful people and it will stay in everyone’s minds for a long time.

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