LIVE SHOW GALLERY + REVIEW // Spacey Jane + Jess Day (Enmore Theatre)


Tuesday night was far from your average one when indie rock band Spacey Jane came and played two back to back shows at the Enmore Theatre on the 25 of May. A long awaited large string of shows to promote their album Sunlight which came out last year. During the early show the venue was packed out with a lot of younger fans but also some older fans as they all rushed to the front of the room to get a good pot for the night. The vibes were high as everyone was dancing and bringing drinks over to their friends before the show even started. 

Indie musician Jess Day opened the night up with a thirty minute set of pure bliss. She had the crowd hooked from the start of her performance – there were a lot of dancing around and singing as Jess Day and her band played through a perfect catalogue of her tracks that were insanely addictive and had me hooked plus she did a wicked good cover of Ladyhawkes Delirium. Jess is a delightful performer that brought a lot of smiles and good vibes to the stage and got everyone moving around and excited. Her catchy songs grab your attention and convey really good energy. All in all, there were wholesome vibes throughout the set and a lot of talent on Jess Day’s end.

When Spacey Jane walked out onto that stage, the crowd went absolutely crazy – screaming as loud as they could which brought smiles to the bands face as they plugged in their instruments and got ready to play. They kicked off their set and straight away had the audience’s attention. The stage presence each member brought to the stage was absolutely incredible – nothing like I’ve seen in a long time. As the band played through their tracks the energy that they gave out was amazing and you couldn’t take your eyes off them. The lighting throughout the set was absolutely perfect and matched with the mood of the night and also helped create that great atmosphere. Spacey Jane are so entertaining to watch live as they bring great stage presence, good vibes and really amazing songs which creates a perfect night for everyone. 

 As the instruments echoed throughout the venue, they created such a euphoric atmosphere  and in those moments every worry faded away and nothing mattered but the sweet sounds of Spacey Jane.

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