REVIEW // Spacey Jane Debut Album ‘Sunlight’

Spacey Janes debut album ‘Sunlight’ is a boatload of goodness that lives up to its title. The Western Australian sweethearts have created an album, which played in its entirety goes through a mass of emotions, whilst keeping a sunny demeanour and sound.

INTERVIEW // Hattie Oates on her new track ‘High’

INTERVIEW BY TARA CAMPBELL We get some pretty lucky opportunities to chat with some of the best up-and-coming stars in the music industry, and young singer/ songwriter Hattie Oates is absolutely no exception. Her remarkable style and maturity is displayed in her newest release ‘High’ a dark, alternative pop track that encapsulates everything wonderful aboutContinue reading “INTERVIEW // Hattie Oates on her new track ‘High’”

Oly Sherman’s Top Five Tips for Creatives During Isolation // EXCLUSIVE

Sydney songwriter Oly Sherman has just released ‘Homeboy’, his strongest piece of work to date. The team at Temporary Dreamer were super keen to have a chat to him and get some advice on staying creative during isolation

NEW RELEASE // ‘Same As It Ever Was’ – Moog the Eternal Downer

It’s been a difficult time for musicians, trying to cope with losing their performance income and staying creatively sane, but if an influx of DIY bedroom produced releases like this emerge, there could just be some light at the end of the tunnel.


WORDS BY TARA CAMPBELL Newcastle Indie Rock band ‘Loons’ are back at it again with their newest release ‘LOONS’. This five-track EP is set to release on the 3rd of April on all streaming platforms. A step up from the previous single’s released by the boys, it’s a display of exactly what the young musicContinue reading “EP REVIEW // LOONS (debut EP)”


WORDS BY TARA CAMPBELL The Temporary Team love live music, and in the previous few weeks there were some pretty amazing new releases in music. Here’s some of our favourites: Soak into This – Greta Stanley The young Cairns-based singer is back with another memorable track ‘Soak Into This’. This track has more of aContinue reading “TEMPORARY TEAM FAVOURITES // Greta Stanley, Dave, RAAVE TAPES and more”


WORDS BY ASH NAYLOR (@ashnaylorphoto) Isolate with Isol-aid With the current global pandemic of COVID-19 causing the country to slow to a halt in terms of live music and the arts industries, many musicians and workers have found themselves in a government imposed self-isolation as gigs are cancelled and venues closing their doors temporarily. $150Continue reading “ISOLATE WITH ISOL-AID”