EP REVIEW // ‘Acoustic Live’ – Lastlings

Queensland Electronic sibling duo Lastlings have unplugged their D.J Equipment and shared their aptly titled EP with us; Acoustic Live. It comes after their acclaimed 2020 release, First Contact. This EP restyles a number of their hit tracks and really displays the experienced and talented musicians the brother and sister are.

LIVE THEATRE REVIEW // ‘Two Point Oh’ (Civic Playhouse, Newcastle)

Knock And Run Theatre is back with another incredible piece of work directed by James Chapman. Two Point Oh (2.0), written by Jeffrey Jackson  is a play that mixes traditional theatre with multimedia in a way that will fascinate, intrigue (and at times, scare you).

INTERVIEW // Hattie Oates on ‘Her Latest Single, Getting Back On Stage and Road Trip Traditions

I don’t think sticking to a genre as an artist is as important these days as it used to be because the music world is so single based. You could do a whole album of completely different genres and you would be picking a different audience for each track which I don’t think is a negative thing.

LIVE SHOW REVIEW // Yours & Owls Festival (Wollongong)

Though facing teething pains, Yours & Owls is a return to form for live music in this state and for festivals on a wider scale. With acts performing at 100 and music-starved attendees ready to dance their feet off, it’s a promising sign of what’s to come.

Live Show Gallery + Review // The Rubens + Alice Ivy + Mia Wray (Bar On The Hill)

After a tough twelve months, this gig felt like one big hug, bringing everyone back and reuniting the music industry. The night is one that will stick with me for such a long time, with The Ruben’s set being one of my all-time favourites.

EXCLUSIVE // SAYAH’s Ultimate Indie Pop Playlist

We recently caught up with Sydney Singer/ Songwriter SAYAH after the release of ‘Fruit’ (which you can check out below!) and she ran us through ten songs that make the perfect indie pop playlist.

NEWS // Holly Hebe releases ‘nothing hurts I promise’

Succeeding past releases ‘sink’ and ‘we are fine’, ‘nothing hurts I promise’ showcases undeniable vulnerability from the budding singer-songwriter, creating an emotionally charged track, laced with bittersweet lyricism, detailing the notions and agony of a slow-burn romance.

THEATRE REVIEW // Plaques & Tangles (Creative Arts Space, Newcastle)

Good theatre is supposed to make you stop and think, and that’s precisely what Plaques & Tangles did