PREMIERE // ‘Couldn’t Stay (ft. Boox Kid)’ – Lorne Vincent

Influenced by Bon Iver, Flume and Miike Snow, Couldn’t Stay explores a toxic relationship, touching on feelings of entrapment- the track echoes the hardships of knowing you have to leave, but feeling like you can’t.

INTERVIEW // Ok Hotel: On Dreams, ‘Life is Crazy’ and Relaunching

We have had a lot more time to do things. We made music videos for both the songs we released this year, which is something we might not have had enough time to do if we weren’t all locked down. With everyone on their phone a lot more we felt it was really important to make something super visual.

SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Thank You For The Honey, Honey’ – Teenage Dads

Not going with a more traditional slow, emotionally-driven ballad, the song is quite a fun sounding tune and creates a nice atmosphere about two friends knowing that they’re going to be drifting apart.

EP REVIEW // ‘All My Friends’ – DVNA

The album is undoubtably well structured and written. Her soulful, jazzy pop blend is a mood lifting remedy even when she talks about darker themes. It takes you on a positive journey of self-discovery as we experience alongside her; first love.