EP REVIEW // ‘Queen Of Wands’ – Sammy Honeysett


One of Australia’s hottest new acts Sammy Honeysett has graced us with her new EP, Queen of Wands. With in-demand producer Jack Nigro at the desk, this EP is set to truly bring Honeysett into the mainstream.

An artist still in the early stages of her career, Queen of Wands marks her first full release. The name of the EP stumbled upon by the artist on a Tarot Card;

Whilst moving a good friend into their new home and discussing various names in the car; I stumbled across the Queen of Wands Tarot card when arriving at the house.”, Sammy said in a statement.

Queen of Wands  is an amazing selection of tracks that gives us the perfect insight and introduction to the artist, shining a light on her influences and amazing songwriting abilities.

The EP opens with the super energetic ‘I C UR LIPS,’ a blistering 3 minutes and 23 seconds that is bound to leave a lasting impact on you as you listen to the album. Opening with a sharp, staccato bass line,  the listener is brought in straight away,  and is held in as the other instruments build around Honeysett’s awesome vocals. The distorted guitars and punky vibes we hear throughout harken back to the later 90’s alternative scene.

This high energy, hard rocking sentimentality subsides for the preceding track, ‘With Another,’ but this is for the better, because we get to experience Sammy’s phenomenal vocal abilities, in a more toned down setting, where they can truly shine. The track opens with a light, somewhat cheerful clean tone guitar, where other instruments comfortable sit around it, leaving enough room for Sammy’s vocals to come to the front, where they definitely belong.

Next up is ‘Play Nice’ and ‘Temptation’  where the rock that Sammy and her band does so well slowly picks back up, and where the older style instrumentation featured throughout really helps her music sit apart from the plethora of other indie rockers out there.

The Queen Of Wands EP comes to a close with ‘Dad’s Song’ , a great point to finish the amazing EP, full of beautiful instrumentation, with soft guitars, and soaring vocals, it truly shines a light on Honeysett’s great songwriting ability, and sounds like music that could’ve easily been written by someone years into their career.

It’s a song that clearly means a great deal to Honeysett, as heard by her heartfelt vocals, and contrasted with the quaint orchestration, it truly leaves the listener in awe of the immense talent Honeysett portrays.

This EP is unforgettable, and truly cements Sammy at the forefront of the super popular indie scene in Australia. Even though it is quite a short release, it still gives us a great understanding behind Sammy Honeysett and the music she’s influenced by.

Queen of Wands acts as somewhat of an introduction to the indie rocker, giving us an indication of her awesome songwriting ability, and great vocal ability, and when melded with terrific instrumentation, it makes for a great EP.  Check it out now.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sammyhoneysett/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sammyhoneysett/



JAPANESE MORNING is Jarrod Jeremiah’s shimmering first release for 2021 cementing him as one of Australia’s most promising up and coming young artists. Jeremiah is a one man show with sounds big enough to fill a sold out concert hall. 2020 was a year full of releases for the Perth based 18 year old who shows no signs of slowing down. JAPANESE MORNINGS is the first step on a new journey of Jeremiah’s blending his earlier bedroom pop sound with a new flavour to make a sound that is his own.

This track brings a dance energy to his earlier sound resulting in a great bop to pump you up in the morning. His simple lyrics are sure to get stuck in your head leaving you wanting more. At such a young age Jeremiah is writing, recording and producing all of his own music, showcasing some incredible Australian bedroom pop. Short and snappy is what he is good at, JAPANESE MORNING is no exception at just 2 minutes and 30 seconds it packs a dance ready punch.

Jeremiah has said the track represents “the symbolic breakdown of communication between two people” he feels that this one is his most “fun, playful and catchy” as it was brought to life through an unexpected DIY project. He feels that this is the perfect track to announce himself to the Australian music scene with bold vocals over a funky home made beat.

Fast paced and shimmery, this song sounds like summer with friends, the perfect soundtrack to your next sunset drive.

JAPANESE MORNING is available for streaming now!


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jarrodjeremiahh/?ref=py_c

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@jarrodjeremiah?source=h5_m

EXCLUSIVE // The Wrecks ‘Tips to Get Your Life Back Now’

Step 1) Reflect. Did you even have a life to begin with? 

Step 2) Identify. How is your life different now than it was then? And are you even

sure it’s gotten worse? 

Step 3) Clean your room. Cleaning rooms has been proven to increase mental well-being.  

Step 4) Exercise. That’s gotta help, right? 

Step 5) Be decisive. Decide exercising was barely worth it. And you feel a lot worse than you did before.

Step 6) Relax. Spend the rest of the day icing your knee and watching 2010’s Diary of a Wimpy Kid, directed by Thor Freudenthal – based on Jeff Kinney’s 2007 book of the same name. 

Step 7) Reward yourself. If you’ve made it this far, you’ve earned yourself a treat. Splurge on your favorite takeout meal and stress eat while you neglect your loved ones cries of concern. 

Step 8) If you made it this far, you’ve failed. Step 7 was a poor choice, and you should’ve known that. Go back to Step 3 and clean your room, you little devil.

Step 9) Reflect again. What have you become? Is your current mental and emotional state a byproduct of personal behavioral tendencies exposed by mandatory isolation, or have you succumb to external, environmental, and societal pressures to maintain a constant positive temperament? 

Step 10) _______ ( Write your own step) 

Step 11) Reflect like one more time. How’d it go? Do you have your life back now? That question can only be answered by a certified professional.. aka a psychic.  

Step 12) Leave a review. Not satisfied with our 12-step program? Well then, maybe don’t take advice from a singer in a band. 

Bonus step!) Listen to I Want My Life Back Now by The Wrecks to cleanse your mind of having ever read this. 


NEW RELEASE // ‘Naissance’ – Shirin Kalyani

Emerging Sydney based singer/songwriter Shirin Kalyani has released her debut single “Naissance.” The new single, written and produced by Shirin features a flawless cross of alternative rock and dreamy pop. This electrifying single is prepping Shirin Kalyani for a thrilling new year.

Skillfully fusing the borders of optimism and dark edge “Naissance” explores the depth of human experience with deep lyrical meaning, that hit both with force and soft sadness. Reinforcing the song’s message through haunting sonic elements, Shirin encorperates stirring riffs and kick drums akin to heartbeats that sit deep within listeners. 

“Naissance’ is an ode to adolescence and the discovery of the complex intertwining between life and death,” said Shirin“Written at a time when everything was in turmoil, ‘Naissance’ is a survival anthem, expressing a deep longing and optimism for new beginnings.”

New kid on the block Shirin Kalyani is melancholic, dreamy and mysterious. Inspired by the likes of Lana Del ReyMorcheebaR.E.MDavid BowiePrimal Scream and Massive AttackShirin combines her love for upbeat and experimental electronica, dream pop and alt rock to bring a fresh yet nostalgic sound to the table. 

Attempting to make sense of the world around her while simultaneously fighting for who she is through the means of music, a rebellious and undying spirit shines through in Shirin’s sound. Fascinated with concepts like space and time, existence, politics and the human experience, Shirin’s songs are universal yet closely relate to her lived experience.

“Naissance” is available to stream on all platforms now.

Facebook | Instagram | Unearthed | Spotify

NEWS // Laneway Music Presents: Welcome Back Melbourne. Feat, Charlie Marshall & The Body Electric, Radio KSG & Dollsquad

It’s been a year the world would like to forget and one that the live music community needs to recover from. Laneway Music is helping to make that possible by hosting Welcome Back Melbourne at the Thornbury Theatre on Saturday, March 20!

Welcome Back Melbourne features a line up of Melbourne’s finest exemplars of rock n roll, DollsquadRadio KSG and Charlie Marshall & The Body Electric Together they will remind you all about the thrill and excitement of live music once again.

Charlie Marshall, was one of the founding members of the early 80’s blues punk band Harem Scarem, who’s band member history reads like a line up of the Who’s Who of Melbourne rock royalty. They were a “veritable institution on the Melbourne inner-city scene, playing raucous, swampy blues rock fleshed out by wild Stooges guitar riffs” (Ian McFarlane) Soon after they disbanded, Charlie formed The Body Electric, which has been active ever since and has featured musicians from The Dirty Three, Avalanches, Beasts of Bourbon, Hunters and Collectors, Surrealists, Chris Wilson and The Moodists, Hugo Race & The True Spirit.

Radio KSG is the Kent Steedman Group. Kent was a founding member of The Celibate Rifles and also a member of Midnight Oil guitarist, Jim Moginie’s Family Dog. KSG also features Laneway Music founder, Vincent DonatoRussell Baricevic of Bored and Pray TV with Hellman vocalist, Ben Brown out front. Radio KSG belts out blues rock n roll in the tradition of The Cruel Sea and delivers lyrics to search out the times we live in today.

the killingest girls with the deadliest instruments‘ Dollsquad deliver a rock n roll punch like only they can. One of the most notorious all female bands Australia has ever produced, DollSquad have had their fair share of comparisons: The Runaways on steroids’, ‘Suzi Quatro goes punk’ or a ‘1960’s version of The Clash’, but they are no imitators. The brainchild of the ever brilliant Joey Bedlam, Dollsquad bring a tonne of energy and sexual attitude via plenty of agitated guitar driving rhythms and those ever present leather catsuits.

So, dust off your gig jacket and get yourself to the Thornbury!
Tickets are strictly limited to 150 with the venue running in limited capacity mode,
so get in quick!

Saturday, March 20 @ 7.30pm
The Thornbury Theatre, Melbourne

Tickets are from $20 and are available now via

Visit the Official Event Page for more info 

Follow Laneway Music Facebook | Web | Instagram | YouTube

INTERVIEW// Holly Hebe On: Musical Journeys, Creative Sampling and The Future.

WORDS BY Isabella Ross

Holly Hebe is an emerging solo act from Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. She combines unconventional piano lessons, kazoo melodies, samples of the world around her and a groovy voice to create an absolutely beautiful sound. Holly currently has two released singles and a growing body of unreleased tracks. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Holly to chat about her journey to releasing music, experiences as a self taught producer and what the future may hold. 

I: I have heard that you produce all of your own music, can you share what that looks like? 

H: Producing and writing has always been a big trial and error. I had been producing for myself and was kind of happy with that sound but sharing that with other people is so different. I have produced a little bit for other people here and there, more these days collaborating and learning from others which is so good. I am super self taught and I really don’t know what I am doing, watching other people and how they do it has been really good. I think producing is a really cool path to go down because there’s not many female producers out there and it’s so much fun. You get to meet so many cool artists, I think it can also be nice to be in the background as well.

I: Is there anyone that you would like to work with, or that you might already be working with?

H: I feel like Top Tier would be Matt Corby, Maggie Rogers or Claireo. That’s like you know dream board stuff. At the moment I am working with these two guys called Yuto who are also from Melbourne. They are lovely and have done so well on Spotify the last couple of years. Working with them has been the best process because I have gotten to know them so well and also their style of producing. Honestly I would be happy to work with anyone. I love the collaborative process so much. 

I: From that I would love to know where your creative process starts and how it evolves?

H: In terms of songwriting I am reading poetry a lot, I am always doing something creative. I find it hard to sit and do nothing, even if I am watching a netflix show I have to be drawing or doing a crossword at the same time. I feel like it starts with me sitting down reading or finding words that inspire me and that will trigger a song to come out. I love being able to sift through words and something will stand out to me. I write anywhere, sometimes in the car I will think of something and have to pull over and have to record it on my voice memos. It’s honestly so erratic the way ideas come it can be in the middle of the night. I think it’s kinda cheesy but my upbringing, I have moved around heaps and always had new environments to inspire me, new people, new places and new experiences. I think that helps with storytelling, the process comes from the way I process all these different influences. 

I: How do you think being stuck at home after moving so often compressed all those feelings and pushed you to release music?

H: I think compressed is a really good way to put it. I was at home sitting on a lot of songs, and a heap of ideas I needed to do something with. It was probably some of the most creative months I have ever experienced. I was in my feelings and felt that was all I had to do for that time which really brought out a heap of songs. The whole way of the world was so weird and such a unique experience. I think that fed the lack of meeting new people because it was such a new experience. Obviously the whole time I wasn’t feeling super inspired but I definitely think there was a good period of time where I was. 

I: Diving deeper into your creative process you use a lot of the world around you for percussion samples. How did this start?

H: I had just started out producing when I made Sink, and I didn’t know much about the world of sampling and where most producers get their samples from. I assumed everyone made their own. I listen to a heap of James Blake, his way of sampling drums is awesome, I wanted to find my own way of recreating that. I didn’t have a new mic at the time but I always had my phone with me and was just recording the sounds around me. I think this gave a more complex meaning to the song because they were all the sounds I had collected along the way of writing the songs. I experimented chopping them up to make drums which was really fun. That was a really cool experience as I was starting to find my sound through samples of my everyday experiences or objects I had found along the way. 

The kazoo is so funny because it was just a joke at the start and now it’s slowly becoming my brand. I don’t know how I feel about it but it’s kinda funny so I will ride the wave, I honestly don’t take it too seriously. . I feel like these fun things can make your music different or catch people’s ears in a fun way. 

I: How do you think your upbringing has influenced your musical career?

H: I lived most of my childhood in NSW in a little country town on the south coast. We moved around a lot there, it’s funny to think about all the different houses and the different stages of my life in each space. Having connections with so many different places has influenced my song writing and storytelling which is awesome to retrace through my songs. Moving to the peninsula has been so good, it’s a different vibe to where I was but also similar in some ways. Being close to the beach and the musicians I have been able to meet here are amazing, I am insanely grateful for all the people I have met. The peninsula has such a strong music scene it’s crazy and has been so inspiring.

I: How did you find your people in this space, and actually connect with the scene?

H: I never thought I would ever move schools in my life and then all of a sudden I am doing the massive move. At the start my piano was my comfort, I would get to school really early in the morning and play the piano in the school chapel to calm my nerves. It has really only been in the last year that I have finally put myself out there to meet more Mornington Peninsula musos. Once you are out of school you are so much more free I was definitely ready to get out there and stop being held back. Since releasing I have connected with so many amazing songwriters. I reached a point at the end of last year sick of being locked down, I sent a message to a few people asking if they wanted to help get a few musicians together to jam which was the best thing I have ever done. Once you are in a group of people who are similar to you it explodes and no one cares about what comes out at the end of the day. You know you have met really good musos when you can do that and no one cares about being perfect or the sound that comes out. That was such a good evolution from jamming on my own which I have done for my whole life, to all of a sudden feeling so supported by this group of people. 

I: Here at Temporary Dreamer we have a signature question, if We Are Fine were a colour what would it be and why?

H: I think either blue or purple because the song is about a relationship where one person needs to see the signs that are not quite adding up, maybe someone is wanting to hide certain things and say everything is fine. I think purple is a bit bruised but can also be a bright colour there are good moments. Purple can be strong and nice at the same time so I think it is a good colour. 

I: Through lockdown we have all had lots of time to listen to new music, are there any artists you want to share that you feel might be under appreciated?

H: My favourite band at the moment is The Backseat Lovers, I thought they were really huge when I started listening to their music and they are obviously big but I feel like they could do even bigger things. I also have a mate from uni who has a band called Private Mountain, they have two songs out at the moment and I love them so much. I really appreciate when I listen to people’s music made with good quality recordings and mixes probably because I produce my own stuff. I am getting more into the band sound these days which I am even bringing into my own writing. 

I: Can I put you on the spot for a second to make a 3-5 track playlist to soundtrack a late night swim?

H: Absolutely! I am definitely that type of person that makes spotify playlists for different moods. I love Shampoo Bottles by Peach Pit, its so chill and also has a little bit of grunge to it which is the perfect vibe for a night swim. I actually went for a night swim last night and had some of these songs playing! Ooh I really like Holly Humberstone at the moment she is from the UK, Overkill or Falling Asleep at The Wheel they are well produced and sound so nice. Let It All Out by COIN, great track their music is awesome. Then Bruno Major of course, Nothing it’s a bit more chill. 

I: You have spoken about a few new songs and projects in the works, what can we expect from you for the rest of 2021?

H: I am definitely keen to start releasing a couple more songs. I have got a couple I am sitting on at the moment figuring out how I will go about that release. I think I will end up putting together an EP for the end of the year which I am really excited about. I have had all these weird influences over the past couple of months and I am excited to put them together and sort out a nice narrative to an EP. I have a couple of shows coming up; Workers Club and Night Cat in March and then hopefully play a couple more gigs. When borders open I plan on doing a trip up the coast and playing at all kinds of venues, just riding this super fun wave. I think that will bring a lot more inspiring experiences to write songs about so I guess that’s the plan. It’s almost a blessing in disguise coming out of lockdown and starting a solo project being able to book gigs because people are so keen to listen to live music. 

We are keener than ever to chase live music and fill our bodies with that other worldly buzz. If you are in Melbourne Holly has two shows coming up next month with a few tickets left. Everyone else can keep their eyes peeled for shows popping up along the East Coast and in the meantime stream her music below. 

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3K511ClkYJM2a9tcaf2R3t?si=ZgWNvo6FQ6usLfKHPwvIsA

LIVE SHOW REVIEW + GALLERY // RedHook + Reliqa + Linear (Cambridge Hotel)


Heavy pop-punk up-and-comers RedHook played in Newcastle’s infamous Cambridge Hotel on February 26th. Being supported by Reliqa and Linear on the night, the sold-out show was a part of their short tour to promote one of their recent singles ‘Cure 4 Psycho’. The room was filled with fans of the bands and the heavier music genres, who all really connected with the energy and sounds of all three bands.

RedHook brought the perfect amount of hair flicks, heavy pop-punk and an overdose of chaotic energy to Newcastle for the show. It was a set full of the bands constantly growing list of hit songs, including ‘Fake’, ‘Dead Walk’ and the previously mentioned ‘Cure 4 Psycho’, which the crowd really got into for that track. Their most recent single ‘Bad Decisions’ was a highlight from the night, with the members of Reliqa and Linear all jumping on stage for a backing vocal choir, elevating the energy in the room in the process. There was also some unreleased music in the setlist too, with RedHook hyping up the bands forthcoming EP at the show too, with tracks like ‘Kamikaze’ being one of the heaviest tracks from the band. Emmy, the lead singer of the band, is an amazing performer on stage and really drives the whole atmosphere of the room, and the rest of the band are also incredible live too by not only playing super well, but also with all the hair flying around and the constant spinning with the guitars. I also really loved the encore performance where the band covered ‘Guerrilla Radio’ by Rage Against the Machine. If you’re a fan of bandslike Stand Atlantic, Polaris or Ocean Grove, then RedHook are definitely one to check out, both with their music and live on stage.

Another big positive from the night was that all three bands were quite different in sound. Central Coast 4-piece Reliqa, the second band to play, brought a big System of a Down and Evanescence vibe to the Cambridge Hotel, taking everyone back to their emo teenage phase during their set. The band also a lot to bring on stage through their presence and their music, making for an enjoyable support act. Local heavy pop-punk band Linear opened up the night with their Northlane and Green Day influenced music. It was a passionate set to a mostly filled room, which was really cool to see the support for the Newcastle band. They also brought along a solid amount of head banging and raw emotion to the stage, making for a set that not only pumped up the whole room, but also showed that Linear are a band that are worth checking out. I was pretty unfamiliar with both Reliqa and Linear prior to the show, and both bands really impressed myself and the crowd on the night.

To say that RedHook and the supports killed it on Friday night is a massive understatement. Despite it being a seated gig, the energy from both the bands and the audience made for a super fun night, filled with awesome music and terrific performances from all three bands. RedHook are a band I’m definitely keen to see live again. Whether you’re a fan of metal, punk, pop-punk or anything else in-between, definitely check out RedHook, Reliqa and Linear, especially if you can see them live.

SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Josh’ – Peach PRC

WORDS BY Isabella Ross

Peach PRC​ Australia’s newest pop sweetheart has just released ​Josh,​ her debut single with Republic Records, a pop gem that scrutinises the ​Josh​ we all have in our lives. When she isn’t in the studio writing and recording Peach takes to TikTok advocating for and sharing her experiences with mental health. Her bubbly personality, love for pink and beautiful voice leave a sugary sweet taste in your mouth after listening to her songs.

Josh​ is introduced by Peach herself making the whole thing feel as if she is singing down the phone to her best friend.The Josh character is described in just enough detail that every Australian girl can relate to these lyrics. ​Josh​ is an anthem of self love and taking the steps to look after yourself when an ex won’t leave you alone.

This track is an undeniable glitter pop anthem, waiting to be blasted in the car and danced to with your best friend. Despite it being a true story about an obsessive ex Peach keeps this song light and full of energy. ​Josh​ was produced by ​Quinn​, known for his work within the Australian pop sphere.

The lyric video for this track feels like a time warp to the early 2000’s, with flip phones and animations drenched in her signature cotton candy colour. This video and creative design is the work of ​Jess Severn​. Listening to Peach’s music you can hear the influences of Ke$ha, Katy Perry, and Britney Spears whilst she maintains a distinctly contemporary sound forging the way for Australian pop music.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/006j2rer9tZJCYniu7SaWS?si=4yQ6soovS-KF8Mye0-fqVA

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/peachprc/?hl=en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PeachPrcOfficial/

EXCLUSIVE // Lanstan’s Five Urban Artists of 2021 You Need To Watch

  1. Ollie Roland is one of the best producers/artists in Australia. As well as producing the instrumental for ‘Glow’ with Talakai, he also delivered an amazing verse on Poltergeist for the EP. Landing a placement on a track with Lil Yachty last year was just one of many milestones on his belt. Check out his track ‘Soul’! It’s a really touching song that still delivers with loud and full bass and emotional lyricism.
  1. Miles Marmalade and I entered into the music world together in 2018 with our viral hit Garn Servo and never looked back. Now, three years later, he has released a 30 minute short film that premiered live in cinema and I have released two solo projects as well as a series of EDM releases with international artists. Finally, after all this time, we have released a track together and it is a banger. All in is the second track on the EP and its braggadocios tone sets the mood for the rest of the project. 
  1. Talakai and I have been fans of each others music for quite some time now and it was an awesome moment to finally get a song out together. Glow has racked up 150k streams on Spotify in just a few months and the fusion of my melodic chorus with Tala’s raw bars hits just right. He has just dropped his debut album ‘Boy in the Mask’ and it is back to back hits. 
  1. Iiiconic and I met a few years ago at his show in Sydney. I knew instantly that he is one of Australias rising talents and since then he has very much proved that, going on to open for Tyga and A$ap Ferg as well as releasing consistently huge tracks. With a crisp, commercial quality to his vocals and songwriting, Iiiconic is definitely one to look out for this year. 
  1. Muller Made has been producing, mixing and mastering for a huge selection of Australian artists for years now. His sound is very distinctive and his positive energy is infectious. We met a few times by chance and ended up hanging out and making some really cool music together. Some of his unreleased music is the best I’ve heard in this country, period. Don’t sleep on his 2020 project ‘HOLD MY BEER’. 


NEWS // BOYSCLUB Win Triple J Unearthed Collab Comp

Sydney’s BOYSCLUB have been announced as one of five winners of triple j unearthed’s Collab Comp, and will be writing a song alongside PNAU and Empire of the Sun songwriter/frontman Nick Littlemore.

On triple j unearthed’s website, Littlemore said of the prospect of working with BOYSCLUB: ‘I’m well keen to make some dirty rock n roll and I’m very interested to see how we can reinvent the sound of rock for 2021. 

The announcement was made this morning on triple j radio.

If you aren’t familiar with BOYSCLUB yet, wisen up! It’s now 2021 and the patriarchy is cornered, lashing out like a beast with nowhere else to run. It’s time to sound the death knell on misogyny, discrimination and bigotry. But rather than the dreary toll of a bell, we send off the patriarchy with a blast of furious, energised punk rock sent forth from the minds, and amps, of Sydney’s BOYSCLUB!

The new single Best For You premiered on triple j’s Home & Hosed with Declan Byrne, with Declan saying that the new single “…hits a little heavier, it has a grungy appeal, somewhere between head-nodding and headbanging, you’re going to be swaying along to it!” and was promptly added to rotation on triple j Unearthed Radio.

Armed with an unwavering sense of justice for women, non-binary & men for equality, hard-earned life lessons and the legacy of those to have waved the flag of equality before them, BOYSCLUB have tasked themselves with systematically dismantling the prevailing wisdom; to change perspectives on queer empowerment, speak truth to addiction and amplifying the oft silenced voices of the victims of domestic violence.

BOYSCLUB are taking 2021 by the horns, once again lowering their visors to wage a new affront to the way things are – via new single BEST FOR YOU – and tour dates to spread the word. The new single is available at https://gyro.lnk.to/BestForYou.

BOYSCLUB are on tour now through February and March and are hitting Sydney, Bendigo, Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Brisbane, Canberra and Wollongong – see killtheboysclub.com for ticket details!

BOYSCLUB. Forever standing for something more than themselves.

BOYSCLUB’s new single BEST FOR YOU is out now at https://gyro.lnk.to/BestForYou. Video is out now and ticket details for tour dates are available at killtheboysclub.com.

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