LIVE SHOW REVIEW + GALLERY // BUGS + Melaleuca, Teenage Joans (Oxford Art Factory)


A night full of friends, covers, new songs, jokes and dancing gave a diamond like shine to BUGS late show at Oxford Art Factory last Friday.

The air was full of anticipation as we entered the dance floor of having seen nearly everyone brave enough to beat the cold rave about the early show and how the late one should be even better. The venue quickly filled before Brisbane four-piece Melaleuca took to the stage and set the feel for the night with their indie rock songs about love, loss and on-stage banter.

Melaleuca oozed confidence and a knowing of what they were doing on stage as they played both old and new songs and lived up to their Spotify Bio which is simply ‘We make big music’. They could also double up as a comedy group in between songs as they talk about raw tuning, Newcastle Potentially being Gods Country and the cuteness and stigma around ferrets.

Taking the stage to celebrate the release of their Debut EP a week prior, Adelaide duo Teenage Joans came stomping out with sweet and smooth opener Ice Cream. Continuing that energy through the entire set they create an energy with hit songs that made it hard not to smile and hug friends as they played a set that was complex but had a simplicity to it that allowed for so much versatility and interaction between the audience and members on stage. The set ended with a mix of energy as they charged through Three Leaf Clover to having the audience scream out the ending to “Something about being Sixteen’

Having had a fun and high energy feeling set from both Melaleuca and Teenage Joans the stage was set for BUGS, Brisbane heart throb trio who came on stage to cheers and scream and the opening bass line to their Single Old Youth Feeling. Like any good headliner they asked for everyone to be respected and gave thanks to the support acts who had done such an amazing job of setting the tone of the evening.

It was hard to imagine that the show was at reduced capacity as the amount of energy that was in that room during their set was immense. The band gave so much interaction taking patrons hats and throwing shoes to standing mere centimetres from each other’s faces in between lyrics. The night was cold outside but everyone’s hearts were warm with the catchy pop rock that was happening in front of them as people rode others shoulders to laughing and questioning the comparison of in-ear monitors to Animorphs Yeerks.

Wearing their hearts on their sleeves the band debuted new song Decisions, a heartfelt track about the hard choices one has to make in life and love but quickly brought the energy and excitement back up as they played the highlight song of the night Seriously. The night was brought to an unfortunate close as they closed out the set with their cover of Mallrat’s Charlie a fan favourite. Their departure was met with screams and cheers for an encore but Charlie felt like the right place to end the night.

LIVE SHOW GALLERY + REVIEW // Spacey Jane + Jess Day (Enmore Theatre)


Tuesday night was far from your average one when indie rock band Spacey Jane came and played two back to back shows at the Enmore Theatre on the 25 of May. A long awaited large string of shows to promote their album Sunlight which came out last year. During the early show the venue was packed out with a lot of younger fans but also some older fans as they all rushed to the front of the room to get a good pot for the night. The vibes were high as everyone was dancing and bringing drinks over to their friends before the show even started. 

Indie musician Jess Day opened the night up with a thirty minute set of pure bliss. She had the crowd hooked from the start of her performance – there were a lot of dancing around and singing as Jess Day and her band played through a perfect catalogue of her tracks that were insanely addictive and had me hooked plus she did a wicked good cover of Ladyhawkes Delirium. Jess is a delightful performer that brought a lot of smiles and good vibes to the stage and got everyone moving around and excited. Her catchy songs grab your attention and convey really good energy. All in all, there were wholesome vibes throughout the set and a lot of talent on Jess Day’s end.

When Spacey Jane walked out onto that stage, the crowd went absolutely crazy – screaming as loud as they could which brought smiles to the bands face as they plugged in their instruments and got ready to play. They kicked off their set and straight away had the audience’s attention. The stage presence each member brought to the stage was absolutely incredible – nothing like I’ve seen in a long time. As the band played through their tracks the energy that they gave out was amazing and you couldn’t take your eyes off them. The lighting throughout the set was absolutely perfect and matched with the mood of the night and also helped create that great atmosphere. Spacey Jane are so entertaining to watch live as they bring great stage presence, good vibes and really amazing songs which creates a perfect night for everyone. 

 As the instruments echoed throughout the venue, they created such a euphoric atmosphere  and in those moments every worry faded away and nothing mattered but the sweet sounds of Spacey Jane.

LIVE SHOW GALLERY + REVIEW // Great Gable + Supathick + Velvet Bloom (Cambridge Hotel)


Great Gable recently played at The Cambridge Hotel in Newcastle to promote their 2020 debut album ‘Tracing Faces’. Supported by fellow WA band Supathick and Melbourne’s Velvet Bloom, it was a great night at the iconic venue filled with some of the band’s best music.

Their set opened with ‘Blur’, one of the singles and fan-favourites from the album, before going into the title track, ‘Tracing Faces’. It introduced the band really well and set the energy level in the room for the remainder of the show. Great Gable performed super well on the night, bringing strong dynamics between the various members and giving the crowd music that sounded pretty identical to their recorded releases. It was also really great to see the band play some of their older tracks too, including some songs from their 2016 EP ‘GG’ like ‘Taste’ and ‘Punga’, as well as slightly more recent hits like ‘Pillars’ from 2018.

The production on the night was also of a high quality, with the sound mix filling the room with their music for the crowd, especially for songs like ‘I Wonder’, ‘Only For You’ and ‘Cool Mind Blue’. The audience really got into the set and had a fantastic time seeing the band play here for the first time in a while. I also really loved the lighting on stage, as it really helped bring a lot of colour and vibrance for the band, as well as being an absolute treat for the eyes.

The set was full of a lot of big highlights as well. One stand-out moment for me was their cover of David Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’ from 1983. It was an unexpected cover that the audience really got grooving along to, and the band managed to make it their own. The other stand-out moment for me was their encore, where the band returned to the stage with two of their biggest hits: ‘Drift’ from 2016, and ‘All My Friends’ off their 2020 album. Everyone was really holding out to here these two tracks, and Great Gable absolutely delivered on them, closing the night in spectacular fashion.

Special mention is definitely needed for the support acts: Supathick and Velvet Bloom. Both artists really bought something different to The Cambridge Hotel, and they were both excellent for different reasons. Supathick bought a lot of pop-funk grooves to the stage, as well as a truly one-of-a-kind aesthetic with their outfits and super vibrant lighting. The chemistry between the band members was also pretty excellent, and Keely’s vocals and stage presence also really contributed to how good their performance was. Velvet Bloom also managed to captivate the whole room, even with it just being Maddy’s vocals and her guitar. Blending styles from neo-soul, alt-pop and indie rock, Velvet Bloom opened up the stage in spectacular fashion, especially with the lighting also contributing to the stellar performance from Maddy. Whether people in the crowd were familiar with these artists prior to the night, I can pretty much guarantee that they definitely know them and listen to them a lot more now.

Overall, this was a pretty fantastic show from all three artists on the night. It was so wonderful for Great Gable to finally tour their debut album across Australia, and especially that they were able to play in Newcastle. Everything from the lighting, sound, performance and everything in between was simply just top-notch. Both Supathick and Velvet Bloom were excellent support acts, and I can’t wait for all of these artists to play again in Newcastle soon.

INTERVIEW // The Vanns on: Red Light, Touring and Influences

Image by señor friday media


We caught up with Illawarra legends The VANNS to chat about touring, memories, and their latest killer single ‘Red Light’. Here’s what they had to say about it:

Recently you dropped the single ‘Red Light’. What is this song all about?
Lyrically writing Red Light, we came to a bit of a fork in the road in terms of what the song would be about. In the original lyrics it was kind of this half love song/half song about somebody with the proclivity to lose control of themselves completely every time they get on the piss. We opted to follow the theme of the latter because it was kind of something new for us to write about and suited the music more. I’m sure there a plenty of love songs coming, though.

What inspired/influences were behind the song?
We all have different influences and artists we listen too, so I’ve always found it hard to pinpoint exactly what influences a song. It’s kind of a mix tape of a song genre-wise. I think this is us trying to chase a sound for our next album, whatever that’ll end up being.

What makes this song different to your previous work?
We recorded it live with all four of us in the room at the same time. It was a much quicker process than recording has been previously. On the previous album, it was more Jim and I kind of writing everything and kind of dictating what bass/drums to play, but this was much more of a collaborative all-four-of-us involved effort; and I think you can hear that.

Is ‘Red Light’ going to be a part of a bigger piece of work?
Without giving too much away… yes. Yes it is. We’re going to be recording another album later this year. We’re still writing for it, so I haven’t really got a clear vision of what it’s going to sound like yet, but we’re excited none-the-less.

Do you have a favourite memory from creating this song?
The whole week recording music up at the Music Farm in Byron Bay with Chris Collins is full of great memories. Being at the studio, spending a couple of days at Chris’ house mixing the music, firepits, beers, $15 lamb shanks at the local; you beauty.

The video was filmed out near Broken Hill. What was it like creating the video up there?
Amazing! Helluva place. The clip was filmed outside of Silverton. I used to go out to Western NSW working for my old man, but I haven’t for years and I’d never been that far out. It was a long drive but Bano and Jimmy were keen to take their Troopy’s for a good run. Also, this is the first film clip we’d made with one of our best mates Todd (Senor Friday). He’s an absolute legend.

If you could describe the song as a colour, what would it be and why?
Red, because, y’know…

You guys are finally getting to go on a national tour again. What can we expect to see at these shows?
Yes we are! Can’t bloody wait. You can expect to see four very relieved dudes who can’t believe they’re finally on a tour that’s been postponed four times. We’re playing some of the biggest shows we’ve ever played, even with the enforced Covid capacities, so we’re all chomping at the bit.

What are you most keen for with the tour?
Playing shows, travelling around the country with my best mates and seeing familiar faces/friends in other cities that I haven’t seen in over a year. I’m even looking forward to the more mundane parts of touring: airports, loading in gear, sound-checking. Let’s put it this way: there is nothing about this tour that I am not looking forward to.

What is your favourite thing to do on tour when you’re not playing shows?
There’s so much about touring that I enjoy. With that said, if I had to boil it down to one thing other than playing shows… I really like the massage chairs at the airport.

‘Red Light’ is out now on all streaming services, so definitely go and check it out. WATCH HERE


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LIVE SHOW GALLERY + REVIEW // Ruby Fields + Towns (The Factory Theatre, Sydney)


There’s been a rush of gigs post-COVID restrictions, as punters try to make the most of this newfound freedom and musicians try to earn a living again. This has meant the return of mid-week shows, where ardent fans come together regardless of tomorrow’s plans. On Tuesday night the Factory Theatre was home to one of these gatherings, heaving with Ruby Fields enthusiasts. Those who made the effort to come out were not disappointed.

Towns, a duo from Adelaide, opened the show. They were really just having fun with their brand of 90s infused indie rock, with a few onstage mistakes simply adding to their charm. It was clear the stage was much bigger than they were expecting, a point addressed directly by frontman Aston Valladares, although it’s always tough for a duo to fill a stage in the same way a band would. It didn’t matter much though, as they kept the crowd engaged through amusing banter and drummer Daniel Steinert’s chanting challenges. They ripped through their discography, with ‘Safe to Stay’, ‘I Don’t Mind’ and latest single ‘Swimming’ all getting the crowd moving. Their mashup of 90s theme songs was also very well received. Overall, they were a great choice for a support, and would have found a few new fans in Sydney as a result.

Watching Ruby Fields and her band on stage always feels like you’re watching a bunch of good mates jamming. Tuesday was no different, despite Fields admitting she was feeling under the weather. The energy of her bandmates made up for her taking it a little bit easier than usual, and the crowd reciprocated. Opening with her latest single ‘R.E.G.O’, Fields and co made their way through her discography. Almost every track was a crowd favourite, from early tracks ‘I Want’ and ‘P-Plates’ to the more recent ‘Pretty Grim’. There was also a previous of her upcoming single, ‘Song About A Boy’. Fields announced that this would feature on her debut album, due later this year. It was obvious how fresh it was to the setlist though, as she forgot how it went initially but got through it in the end. Between this track and ‘R.E.G.O’, the album is shaping up to be some of Fields’ best work yet.

There was a sweet moment for ‘Redneck Lullaby’, a song that saw Fields remain on stage by herself as the band took a moment backstage. She mentioned that her mum was in the crowd, and that ‘Redneck Lullaby’ was written for her. It was a quieter part in an otherwise rowdy show. The set closed with ‘Dinosaurs’, the track that saw Fields come in at Number 9 in the triple j Hottest 100 of 2018. It’s always a big singalong moment from the crowd, and has a touching part at the end where everyone on stage comes together around Ruby and sings. Having seen the band do this at a seated show last year, it was a poignant reminder that the little moments in music are just as good as the flashy showmanship.

Ultimately, Tuesday night was a triumphant return to form for Fields. While she made the most of the seated shows last year, there’s something special about having a dance with your mates and watching the band do the same.



A seemingly quiet Thursday night was definitely not so quiet at The Lansdowne in Sydney as Wollongong indie-rock three-piece TOTTY brought their powerful presence to the Sydney leg of their ‘Better Late Than Never’ tour which was promoting their second EP “Garden”. They brought along hard rockers Imaginary People and Wollongong band favourites Drift to open up the stage for them and with standing shows back, we saw dancing and moshing all round.

Imaginary People are a loud and fiery alt-rock band hailing from Sydney who create music that packs a punch. They had no trouble at all warming up the crowd with their loud and sharp sound that shot through the room like a hurricane. Fast guitars and catchy hooks lured the crowd in as they played through a thirty minute set of fierce tracks. Imaginary People are such a great band, from their raw and punchy sounds to their stage presence. It was an absolute pleasure to see them perform.

Drift were full of emotion with their shoegaze sound that soon turned a lot heavier throughout the set. This had their ever growing crowd swaying and bouncing around to the echoing sounds that were thrown out. Each member of the band worked together to bring one hell of a performance that I couldn’t keep my eyes off – the lighting worked in their favour to create a moody scene for the emotion that leaked through their songs. Towards the end, they played with such force and got the crowd pumped for TOTTY.

TOTTY are a great band to watch live – they bring so much passion and drive to the stage and express great vibes that flow freely out into the crowd and create such an extraordinary atmosphere that everyone loved. Their set included some very high energy tunes mixed in with a few more mellow ones which was the perfect blend for everyone to enjoy. The crowd were hyped from the moment the band played their first song which you could tell from all the dancing, jumping, moshing, and smiles shared between people. TOTTY knew how to put on a really great show that showcased new tunes which came with a lot of energy and force. It couldn’t have been a better night.

Every band did a great job at giving the audience a good time. The energy in the room the whole night was just incredible throughout each set and the bands brought their A game as soon as they stepped foot onto the stage. It was a wonderful night, with wonderful people and it will stay in everyone’s minds for a long time.

LIVE SHOW & GALLERY // Sweater Curse + Pinkish Blu (Cambridge Hotel)


Brisbane indie rock trio, Sweater Curse have finally hit the road to tour their 2020 EP ‘Push//Pull’, playing shows all over the country, including Newcastle’s Cambridge Hotel. Adelaide’s Pinkish Blu supported the band, making for a great show from both bands. It was also a show full of surprises in many different ways, with the band playing a nice mix of both new and old material, and it was cool to hear these recent songs live.

Sweater Curse opened up with ‘All the Same’, a song from their recent EP, before leading into ‘Mon’s Song’ from their first EP, and then ‘I Wish I Was A Better Person Sometimes’, a personal favourite from the Push//Pull EP. All three members of the band had a really great stage presence performing the songs well. The trio’s switch between Mon and Chris on vocals was notable, and any chance that they got to shred on the guitar or bass, was well utilised by the band members. Rei smashed it on the drums at the show, and displayed the talent of his instrument.

The set continued with more tracks from Push//Pull, as well as the band premiering some unreleased music, which sounded great. One new track in particular reminded me a lot of UK band IDLES, which I am keen to hear again when the band decides to release it. It’s currently a mystery on exactly what the band is cooking up, but I can assure you that it the sound is fantastic, and fans of the band should be keen to hear more of it soon.

It was great to hear the band play classic song ‘Don’t Call Me’, a track that originally got me myself into the band many years ago. The audience shared my same excitement, getting into the song as well.

The biggest highlight of the show was when Newcastle’s own Lindsay and Joab from RAAVE TAPES were invited up on stage for a cover of Coldplay’s 2000 hit ‘Yellow’. It was incredibly fun to see the bands having such a great time on stage, and the semi-awkward and unpolished nature to it, but that really just made it even more enjoyable to watch.

The set closed with ‘Can’t See You Anymore’, a track beloved by the whole audience. It was one of the big ones that everyone was keen to hear all night, and the band really delivered with it, ending the set on a high note.

I really need to give a special mention to the opening act Pinkish Blu, who joined Sweater Curse for the whole tour. This is a band that are definitely one to check out and to keep an eye out for in the future. I liked their unique style of dreamy indie pop, fused together with some elements of indie rock too. They have a pretty different sound to Sweater Curse, and so having the variety that Pinkish Blu bought to the stage was really great.

Overall, I had a super fun time seeing Sweater Curse and Pinkish Blu smash it at the Cambridge Hotel on Saturday night. Hearing the classic stuff, some new stuff, and some really new stuff was an absolute treat for the audience.

I loved the The energy the bands bought; and I loved that the audience also loved it too. Definitely check these guys out, and hopefully you can catch them live soon.

LIVE SHOW + GALLERY // Vanilla Gorilla + Mild West, Dyer Maker + The Hamilton Alpine Club


Bungwahl’s own Vanilla Gorilla just dropped their new single ‘Feel the Fire’ and to celebrate, the band launched the single on 23 April at Newcastle City Hall. Joined by Mild West, Dyer Maker and The Hamilton Alpine Club, it was a fun night for the audience with a great variety of music styles and performances from the four bands.

Vanilla Gorilla killed it on stage, performing their latest music as well as some older tracks. The crowd really got into the music, and with a lot of the audience members being strong fans of the band, it filled the room with a pretty great energy. It was also really cool to see how versatile the band are, with multiple guitars, synths, drums, bass and even a digeridoo helping bring the band’s sound to the venue. City Hallwas a nice venue for the gig, making for some great lighting in Vanilla Gorilla’s set. I would have liked to have seen a bit more interaction between the band and the audience, especially with the promotion of their new single but nevertheless, the crowd were having an awesome time (especially now that we can stand again), and this is really clear through the encore at the end of their set. If you’re a fan of Ocean Alley, definitely give these guys a listen.

Mild West, another band from the Mid North Coast and a band that I’ve been lucky enough to have seen before, were another big highlight from the night. They’re a band with a unique aesthetic, bringing together a typical indie-rock outfit with an electric cello, multiple synths and some pads, resulting in some pretty enjoyable music (bit of a Methyl Ethel vibe). I loved how their frontman really went crazy with the guitar with every chance that he got, and it made their set super entertaining. The rest of the band was also super tight on the night, making Mild West a band that gets better each time you see them, and also one that might be worth keeping an eye out for.

Maitland’s Dyer Maker were second to perform on the night. They’re a band that I was a lot more unfamiliar with prior to the gig, but really managed to enjoy their music quite a bit in their set. The elements of rock, funk and reggae blended together really smoothly, and they performed it super well too. They used the space on stage really effectively, giving a lot of movement between the members, and I loved how the frontman would also pick up the whole mic stand occasionally, as well as roam free with it too. Their Rage Against The Machine cover was also another unexpected highlight from the night.

The Hamilton Alpine Club opened up the night, giving a unique mixture of funk, soul and jazz. Despite having a smaller crowd at the start of their set, the band didn’t see this as a setback and really went with the intimate vibe in the room. The people that did come in after the band had started really got into the music too, which was great to see. I think the band could have produced a more polished set, but despite a few awkward song intros, The Hamilton Alpine Club did stick the landing with opening up the night.

Local bands launching their latest music will always be some of the best gigs to attend, and Vanilla Gorilla’s single launch was no exception to this. There was an awesome vibe from the headliners and from the crowd, and all of the bands managed to get the crowd up and dancing multiple times. It’s always a great sign when each band at a gig gives the audience something quite different and also give you the feeling of wanting to see them live again.

EXCLUSIVE // Coast and Ocean’s ‘Five Must Do’s When You Are Lost’

Coast and Ocean is Alex Johnson. Growing up on the South Coast of NSW, with the ocean by his feet has certainly influenced his fresh musical style of R&B, surf hip-hop & soul. Recently he has released his new single ‘Lost’.  He took the time to let Temporary Dreamer reader’s know his advice for when you feel lost. Check it out below…

  1. Eat a Watermelon from Woolworths – makes your mind a little bit more clear when you are hydrated
  1. Skateboard around – to try and find some public transport and maybe go to a museum
  1. Go busking – So the locals find me, then we become family
  1. Go to a Beach or swimming hole in a National Park – If I’m lost, it might as well be in paradise.
  1. Meditate – take a moment to shut out from the outside distraction. Focus on the love that’s around and appreciate life in this very moment

SINGLE REVIEW // ‘When I Fall’ – Cooks & Bakers


‘When I Fall’ is the newest release from Newcastle’s Cooks & Bakers, an indie anthem that will be cemented into your head for days after listening.

The track immediately begins, with zero introduction emphasising the fact that Cooks & Bakers aren’t here to mess around. With a very Wallows and early 2000s alternative sound, When I Fall is filled with guitar riffs that just feel right, think Gang Of Youths meets Wolfmother and you’ve got this obsessive riff that powers the song. Combined with a dark and addictive bass riff, this is the strongest release from the trio so far.

There’s something different about the vocals of this track in comparison to the other tracks by boys; powerful and authentic. One notable moment of this song is the first time the harmonies enter in the first chorus, it’s one of those ‘wow’ moments that really draw you in to this track. Coupled with a steady drum beat that drives the track, it is the perfect release to introduce the world to the new era of Cooks & Bakers.

The unique bridge catches you off guard, highlighting the evident strengths of this trio. If this release is anything to gauge what the band’s upcoming EP, Out of Touch will be like, I’m sure that many will agree that we cannot wait to see what the band has up their sleeves.

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