ALBUM REVIEW // ‘First Contact’ – Lastlings

‘First Contact’ has so many positive things going for it, with the excellent vocals and production making for the some of the best Australian electro-pop music that we’ve heard in 2020.

ALBUM REVIEW // ‘Method Of Places’ – Lewis Coleman

Each song in Method of Places creates its own sonic world. Melbourne locals should definitely check this album out to see the incredible and experimental work coming out of our own city. The Australian music scene is thriving with new and established artists, we are so lucky to discover spectacular gems like this on our own doorstep.

ALBUM REVIEW // ‘Reveries’ – Kingswood

It’s almost fortunate that Covid-19 happened, or else Kingswood might not have ever made ‘Revelries’, making an album that really made me fully appreciate ‘Juveniles’ even more, but also really showcases just how talented this band is. With a unique switch in style for the band, strong writing and great instrumentals, it’s one that fans of Kingswood definitely shouldn’t miss.

ALBUM REVIEW // ‘Between You and Me’ – San Cisco

You can’t deny that this new record has some of the best music that the band has released in a while with fantastic writing, production and musical talent behind it from start to finish. Fans of the band will really like this new album, and newcomers will easily be able to catch on with the great hooks and sweet melodies.

ALBUM REVIEW // ‘The Remnants Of Losing Yourself In Someone Else’ – Glass Ocean

During a time when so many are simply trying to get by and move forward from negative and dark feelings, it’s in a sense therapeutic to sit back and listen in immense detail as someone goes through something even vaguely similar.