Tracing the rise of IDLES is a bit like watching a band like The Clash or The Sex Pistols build up their legacy. Perhaps we are in another important era of punk music? Only time will tell.

NEW RELEASE // ‘Same As It Ever Was’ – Moog the Eternal Downer

It’s been a difficult time for musicians, trying to cope with losing their performance income and staying creatively sane, but if an influx of DIY bedroom produced releases like this emerge, there could just be some light at the end of the tunnel.


WORDS BY ANDREW BRASSINGTON Sold For Parts – Fontaines D.C. While Irish punk poets Fontaines D.C. may be heading to our shores soon after their delayed Laneway Festival run, right now you can watch them perform a bunch of tracks and visit the recording sessions from their debut album Dogrel. The recent time capsule chroniclesContinue reading “FONTAINES D.C AND DIIV RELEASE FREE MUSIC DOCUMENTARIES”

LIVE REVIEW + GALLERY // The Smyths (The Factory Theatre)

WORDS AND IMAGES BY ANDREW BRASSINGTON Fans of the iconic 80’s indie heroes: The Smiths were in for a treat last Saturday night. Sydney’s Factory Theatre fell under a haze of jangly guitars, wistful melodies and funky basslines as the world’s most renowned Smiths cover band, aptly named The Smyths, paid homage to the greats.Continue reading “LIVE REVIEW + GALLERY // The Smyths (The Factory Theatre)”

LIVE SHOW GALLERY // Seahouses (Cambridge Hotel)

IMAGES BY ANDREW BRASSINGTON Where to find Seahouses: Where to find Andrew Brassington: Instagram: @Brasso82 Photography: Twitter: @AndrewBrasso

ARTICLE // Triple J To Countdown Hottest Tunes Of The Last Decade

WORDS AND IMAGE BY ANDREW BRASSINGTON It’s that time of year filled with wild summer nights and sticky, sweat soaked mornings where you’re likely to hear the distant cry of ‘Hilltop, Hilltop, Hilltop’ as Adelaide’s favourite Hoods make their way up triple j’s Hottest 100 countdown. The Aussie rap royalty may be heading into theirContinue reading “ARTICLE // Triple J To Countdown Hottest Tunes Of The Last Decade”