FEATURE // Australia’s Youth Taking A Stand For A Sustainable Future

We need to take drastic action, and fast, if we have any hope of living the kind of safe, healthy lives adults today take for granted. We demand to have our voices heard and if that means walking out of school and university then so be it.

REVIEW // Wing Defence EP ‘Friends’

WORDS BY ASHLEY NAYLOR Wing Defence is primarily a position in netball played by the strongest and most skilled players who are there to support- and much like the game, the band of the same name is a mix of the best musicians, in terms of strength of character, musical talent, and self, and theContinue reading “REVIEW // Wing Defence EP ‘Friends’”

REVIEW // Spacey Jane Debut Album ‘Sunlight’

Spacey Janes debut album ‘Sunlight’ is a boatload of goodness that lives up to its title. The Western Australian sweethearts have created an album, which played in its entirety goes through a mass of emotions, whilst keeping a sunny demeanour and sound.


WORDS BY ASH NAYLOR (@ashnaylorphoto) Isolate with Isol-aid With the current global pandemic of COVID-19 causing the country to slow to a halt in terms of live music and the arts industries, many musicians and workers have found themselves in a government imposed self-isolation as gigs are cancelled and venues closing their doors temporarily. $150Continue reading “ISOLATE WITH ISOL-AID”