INTERVIEW // Cry Club on: Matching Suits, Lady Gaga, Growing and ‘God I’m Such a Mess’

We don’t want to look what a pop artist looks like. We don’t want to look like what you think a punk artist should look like. We just want to be like ourselves.

INTERVIEW // Ok Hotel: On Dreams, ‘Life is Crazy’ and Relaunching

We have had a lot more time to do things. We made music videos for both the songs we released this year, which is something we might not have had enough time to do if we weren’t all locked down. With everyone on their phone a lot more we felt it was really important to make something super visual.

Interview // Maria Amato on: The AIR Awards and Indie-Con

AIR strives to recognise, promote and celebrate the success of Australia’s Independent Music sector and does this via a weekly production of Australian Independent Music charts, a newsletter and a strong social push to promote new independent music.

INTERVIEW // Sinclaire: Michael Cross on Niche Pockets of the Industry, Releasing Music in Isolation and New Tracks

It gave us this really good space to find what we wanted to do. I think it almost ended up being a good thing for us, in saying that I do miss playing live for sure. I want to have it so when we can play shows we’ve got enough songs out there that our new songs can translate live.

INTERVIEW // Michael Dunstan: On ‘Lay In The Sun’, Simplicity, Touring and Inspiration

There are a couple of songs on the album that were written purely because I felt like I couldn’t express myself or talk to anyone. Music is so important for that.

INTERVIEW // Ben Gillies On: Breathe in Breathe Out, Growing Up In Newcastle, Silverchair and the Impact of Music

I went out to Byron Bay and we didn’t really have a plan. I said “hey look I’ve got this idea I think might have the magic juice”. I showed him and started singing the chorus line “just breathe” and that was it. He just turned around and said that’s it, that’s the one. We finished the song about two days. It’s really funny how some tracks that you can sit on for weeks on end, and some just come together so naturally.

INTERVIEW // Snowfish: Jordan on ‘Ghost’, Family and Newcastle

It’s kind of about social media, or like a disenchanted with social media inspired song. In the chorus of the song we talk about being able to delete yourself. That was kind of one of the earliest ideas that I had for the band back in late 2017, and that’s the one that’s been consistent.