SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Paralysed’ – Northbourne Flats

Dedicated to a love of good music and wholesome living, the boys from Northbourne Flats have been working together for the past 5 years. Paralysed pairs an enchanted rock sound with something a little more folky.

SINGLE REVIEW // ‘i’m a f**king wreck’ – trials

The contrast between Daniyel’s self-deprecating lyrics and trials’ crisp production have created such a catchy sound. After accumulating nearly 9000+ Spotify streams in two days this track is yet another example of the potential that comes with talented Indigenous artists.

INTERVIEW // Ok Hotel: On Dreams, ‘Life is Crazy’ and Relaunching

We have had a lot more time to do things. We made music videos for both the songs we released this year, which is something we might not have had enough time to do if we weren’t all locked down. With everyone on their phone a lot more we felt it was really important to make something super visual.