EXCLUSIVE // Kingswood’s Favourite Christmas Traditions

With a brand new Christmas Album under their belt, the boys from Kingswood let us know their favourite Christmas traditions.

ALBUM REVIEW // ‘Reveries’ – Kingswood

It’s almost fortunate that Covid-19 happened, or else Kingswood might not have ever made ‘Revelries’, making an album that really made me fully appreciate ‘Juveniles’ even more, but also really showcases just how talented this band is. With a unique switch in style for the band, strong writing and great instrumentals, it’s one that fans of Kingswood definitely shouldn’t miss.


After a rollercoaster year, Australian favourites Kingswood are back out on the road. With the release of their newest album ‘Juveniles’ they’re off to tour Australia at a vast range of shows near you. Although the album name may suggest something different, Kingswood have created a fiery new sound, and the world is ready toContinue reading “KINGSWOOD RELEASE NEW ALBUM AND TOUR AUSTRALIA”