ALBUM REVIEW // ‘Ball Park Music’ – Ball Park Music

There aren’t many bands that have made six consecutively great albums in recent years, but Ball Park Music have certainly just showed us that they can with this album.

SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Thank You For The Honey, Honey’ – Teenage Dads

Not going with a more traditional slow, emotionally-driven ballad, the song is quite a fun sounding tune and creates a nice atmosphere about two friends knowing that they’re going to be drifting apart.

ALBUM REVIEW // ‘Between You and Me’ – San Cisco

You can’t deny that this new record has some of the best music that the band has released in a while with fantastic writing, production and musical talent behind it from start to finish. Fans of the band will really like this new album, and newcomers will easily be able to catch on with the great hooks and sweet melodies.

INTERVIEW // Snowfish: Jordan on ‘Ghost’, Family and Newcastle

It’s kind of about social media, or like a disenchanted with social media inspired song. In the chorus of the song we talk about being able to delete yourself. That was kind of one of the earliest ideas that I had for the band back in late 2017, and that’s the one that’s been consistent.