SINGLE REVIEW // ‘Pretty Grim’ – Ruby Fields

Ultimately this song feels like an acceptance of doing what needs to be done for your own mental health, even at the cost of disappointing or alienating yourself from people who aren’t supportive of your methods

ALBUM REVIEW // ‘Between You and Me’ – San Cisco

You can’t deny that this new record has some of the best music that the band has released in a while with fantastic writing, production and musical talent behind it from start to finish. Fans of the band will really like this new album, and newcomers will easily be able to catch on with the great hooks and sweet melodies.

SINGLE REVIEW // ‘It Gets Better’ – Boo Seeka

The instruments sound huge but never overbearing or convoluted, which can normally be a big risk with a track like this. The reverb-filled and echoing vocals don’t become lost in it, instead working with the different sounds to drive the track forward.

INTERVIEW // Psychedelic Porn Crumpets: Jack McEwan on isolation, Mr Prism and PPC’s upcoming album

After coming home, I needed to pull myself to one side and be like “mate, do not get yourself into that position again”. I was just trying to have fun

ALBUM REVIEW // ‘Brain Candy’ – Hockey Dad

The sheer atmosphere changes that occur within the setlist of the bands longest to date albums could seem juxtapositions at a glance, and you’d be right. But the careful consideration in the formation of the track list makes the journey a smooth ebb and flow rather than a snapping bungee.


Once a small central-coast act and now one of the best up-and-coming, mature artists- E^ST recently blessed our ears with her debut album I’M DOING IT. Although young, she’s has constantly wowed listeners by her maturity, song writing and catchy hooks. This album is no exception.

LIVE SHOW GALLERY // Amyl and The Sniffers (The Newcastle Hotel)

IMAGES BY TARA CAMPBELL It’s been quite some time since things got crazy with COVID-19, but before it all started, we had Tara Campbell check out Amyl and The Sniffers’ live show at the Newcastle Hotel. Here’s what she got!